Wednesday, February 3, 2010

LA's progressive literary magazine puts Classical Underground in a spotlight

We are in January / February issue of Forth Magazine

LA's progressive literary magazine puts Classical Underground in a spotlight

Didn't we always say that the ARTS should all stand for what they are together? Classical Underground is the place WHERE ARTS MEET. Click here to read and watch Alexey's interview about the concepts behind Classical Underground as well as what ART means for him personally.

Forth Magazine * jan feb 2010

Some experts from the article:

"...even though Classical Underground started as a deceptively casual affair, it is a serious part of Alexey's vision for the future of art..."

"It makes sense that Alexey has chosen giant canvases and huge ideas that refuse containment and control."

"At a CU performance, musicians are made to feel free to try new variations, new arrangements, even new compositions, and each month is a completely different experience..."

"Alexey is thrilled that his underground can offer people more than the joy of a finished product - the thrill of process and experiment...the audience is drawn by nothing other than the hunger for the experience."

"It is underground because we are not supposed to exist," he explains. "Things in our capitalist society have to have a commercial function, and we do not. We have no purpose to exist, and it's liberating."

"Alexey sees CU as a building block, a brick in a new artistic legacy being constructed out of the remnants of Modernism and post-Modernism."

"Since we've collectively deconstructed everything to the point that nothing exists, we can reassemble in any way we want, in any way we NEED really, not as a point of habit, but as a point of NEED. That's Classical Underground."

"...trying to contain a giant in three pages of words is a loosing battle, as futile as trying to do justice to that laugh..."

Classical Underground expresses its deep appreciation to Sofyia Goldshteyn for such an insightful and elegantly articulated piece.

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