Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February 22 event invitation

Dear Friends,

As we travel together on the journey which is Classical Underground, there is one central thing that we believe makes it such a unique sensation - a rare intimate connection between different forms of classical expression. As each over-compartmentalized field of ART is going through some major transformation recently, together in a deeply interconnected state, the ARTS are truly the heart and soul of our times that pack some indispensable power. With this in mind, we think our next event will open a new territory in this enchanted land.

The fierce contingent of CU painters – Jeremy Lipking, Tony Pro, Christopher Pugliese (finding refuge with us from the freeze of New York), Joseph Todorovitch (his debut with CU) and myself - will paint live one of our favorite CU musicians, Yana Reznik. The final stretch of this live session will overlap by about an hour with the time of your arrival till the beginning of the program, so you will have a rare glimpse at how painting is being done and how each one of us will catch our sense of Yana.

clockwise: Tony Pro, Jeremy Lipking, Alexey Steele en plein air

If that was not enough, we are finally adding a dimension to CU we long hoped for – in a spirit of comrades- in-arms we are joining cultural forces with our great new friends at Forth Magazine to inaugurate our first poetic showcase! We are honored and pleased to have John Tottenham as part of our program, just wait till you hear his reading!

Of course, the mother lode of musical talent awaits us with Nigel Armstrong, Yuliya Barsky, Eduardo Delgado, Sam McElroy, Mikael Oganesyan, Pepi Pilibossian, Indira Rachmatulla, Yana Reznik, Moni Simeonov performing. Celebrate with us as always the undying, indestructible and unsuppressible spirit of ART!

As always to RSVP please use the Paypal button below - chairs are first-come first-served - and please do not forget about the potluck! The doors open at 7 p.m. to catch the live painting session before the music starts at 8 p.m.

We are sold out.

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  1. I have a painting that Leonid Steele told me (at a club opening) he painted shortly after the birth of his son Alexey in Kiev, Ukraine...late 60's and was the first painting he sold when he moved his family to Los Angeles. It's a painting of 3 girls on the back of a horse drawn sled in the middle of a winter scene in Russia. When I brought the painting for him and his wife to see, they were very excited because of the history with this painting. It's been almost 10 years since he saw it but I was wondering if you had ideas of interested buyers?


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