Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February 16th Music and Art in the Studio

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February Night  
this coming Monday,
February 16th @ 8 p.m. 

Music & Arts in the Studio

(and Potluck Party)

In honor of the day after the day after Valentine's Day, we have a hyper-romantic February program featuring a double-dose of Brahms, a hefty serving of Rachmaninoff, and some lovely transcriptions for voice and guitar.

With it's volcanic opening and surging, irresistible themes, young Brahms' Piano Sonata #2 is a touchstone of the romantic piano repertoire, and a perfect showpiece for UCLA's resident piano prof Inna Faliks.

Almost 40 years later came the Brahms Clarinet Trio, which he wrote after being so inspired by the playing of the virtuoso Richard Mühlfield that he came out of "retirement" in 1891 to compose for and perform with him.  Clarinetist Benjamin Mitchell will be joined by pianist Brendan White and cellist Michael Kaufman (Mühlfeld Trio). 

The talents of piano maestro Mikhail Korzhev are so vast that they must be shared amongst USC, Cal State Fullerton and Chapman College.  He will make his long overdue CU debut with Rachmaninoff's Sonata #2.

Those who stuck around for the CU "after-party" last time around were treated to the luscious sound of Tara Davison singing and accompanying herself on classical guitar. Now she returns to perform for everyone with Villa-Lobos' Cantilena from the Bachianas Brasleiras, plus her own transcriptions of songs by the mid-nineteenth-century mezzo/composer/salon queen Pauline Viardot.
 As always - bring your spirits, food and drink for you and your friends to enjoy.  


We are most grateful to our supportive friends at
for graciously providing us with their incomparable instrument Model D - CD345.

 Classical Underground Showcase 

Ignat Ignatov is one of the most talented and dedicated artists of the newly emerging American figurative realism generation. In this very specific approach to ART it takes phenomenal effort to develop a phenomenal talent. The vast effort required to polish such talent to a level of serious artistic capability will not be necessarily supported by existing markets, which tend to favor easily digestible "commercial" fair. Certainly this enormous effort is not supported by the current post-modernist establishment. Elite artists like Ignat are pursuing a level of artistic perfection of which few are aware. This is why they push and expand the boundaries of human perceptional capabilities. This is why they make ART. Even the original modernists would be proud of what those few do now.

Basing their effort on classical tradition, they are making the next evolutionary step in aesthetic and perceptional development. I call this next step Novorealism. Some people call the period we are all part of Post-Contemporary.

As  evident in his figurative works' dedication to ever increasing artistic ability, it is just as important to note  Ignat's drive to put his expanding visual powers in service of the cause he believes in deeply. An ardent dog lover, he creates deeply heartfelt, poignant and compelling images of dogs in need of rescue. Here is where heart, mind and hand come together to give another evidence of Humanity. Go, Iggy!

Ignat Ignatov 
The doors open at 7 p.m. and music starts at 8 p.m.  Unassigned seating.  Directions and address are below:

405 South to the Harbor 110 South towards San Pedro; Exit Torrance Blvd., Turn Left at the Stop sign; Turn Left on Torrance Blvd /next light/; Continue pass Figueroa Ave, pass Carson Town Center North; 200 yards before next light /which is Main street/ make Left into a driveway to a large parking lot  and proceed to your right. Please note that the gate next to CU will be closed for safety.  The entrance is from the parking lot. The building is on the corer of Main and Torrance. 20795 Main St. Carson, Ca 90745