Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Our November night - this coming Monday - the 5th!

November Night
Music & Art + potluck party

this coming Monday
 , the 5th @ 8 p.m.   

Dear friends,

ART is always a good vote!


On Election Eve, Monday 5th, escape all the chatter of pundits, all the political posturing and jockeying to contemplate our turbulent times and the importance of your choice.  Let timeless ART in Music and Image touch your heart and mind and giv'em strength to make that good vote.


Eduardo Delgado 

Fresh from performing with the great Martha Argerich in Argentina, our dear friend Eduardo Delgado will play Mozart's Piano Sonata in A minor, K.310.


Elicia Silverstein
Elicia Silverstein

Violinist Elicia Silverstein made her CU debut back in April with a Mozart Trio.  She returns this evening  to perform solo: the Bach Sonata #1 in G minor for solo violin.
  Kirill GliadkovskyAnna Nizhegorodtseva
                  Kirill Gliadkovsky                     Anna Nizhegorodtseva         

Appearing at CU for the first time are two Russian pianists performing Russian repertoire. Kirill Gliadkovsky comes to CU by way of the prestigious Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow and our own USC, and playing around the world with important conductors and orchestras. He will be performing Taneyev, Medtner, and Rachmaninoff.  Rising young talent Anna Nizhegorodtseva will perform an excerpt from Prokofiev's intensely virtuosic Piano Sonata #7. 

 Victor de Almeida Harout                          
             Victor de Almeida                                Harout Senekeremian
Returning to CU, but for the first time as a duo, violist Victor de Almeida and pianist Harout Senekeremian will perform Concertpiece by Georges Enesco. 

  Courtney Pepi
              Courtney D. Jones                                 Pepi Pilibossian  

Finally, trumpet virtuoso Courtney D. Jones, who never fails to bring down the house, will perform his arrangement of Purcell and Gershwin (there's an eclectic pair!) with CU and YouTube sensation Pepi Pilibossian on piano.
Whether it's a wrath of nature or a wrath of politicking, let's celebrate the eternal   
life - force of humanity that overcomes it all!

As always - bring your spirits, food and drink for you and your friends to enjoy.  Please RSVP via Paypal. If you have problems with PayPal - don't wait - email us right away!  

Sold out!


We are most grateful to our supportive friends at

for graciously providing us with their incomparable instrument. 
On November 5th we will have CD213 -
their newest C&A piano to the group of concert pianos.


Classical Underground Showcase:    
Adam  Miller     

Adam Miller          

  "Among The Ruins" 79" x 57" oil on canvas   

We are privileged to welcome for November's CU showcase one of our East Coast "brothers," a wonderful New York artist Adam Miller.  

It is so exciting to see how the young generation of some of the most promising American artists is resolutely making Realism grounded in a classical tradition the language of choice in expressing our modern thoughts, views and feelings. With strong influences of Baroque and Mannerist masters, Adam's classically inspired imagery carries a strong sense of unabashed Romanticism.

Today, as we experience dramatic change in the flow of global events, and rapid shifts in the ways society used to function through the last century, the Romantic notion of the liberating of the Personal is once again destined to shift the course of cultural history through the work of this great new generation.

Adam's intriguing works will be presented by Copro Gallery in Bergamot Station in the exhibition titled "Among The Ruins".

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 10, 8:00 - 11:30 p.m.

  exhibit runs November 10 - December 1 , 2012

"Among the Ruins looks at different family's existing in a post industrial world looking back at what appears to be the remnants of a time of great expansion and strength from a distance after the machinery of state has collapsed. The new hope represented by their children exists against the darkness of the scattered corpse like remnants of their world. But as the darkest day of winter is also the beginning of the suns return these families are the first to begin rebuilding their society and planting new crops" - describes the gallery Adam's work.   


As Bob Schieffer's Mom said "Go Vote, it makes you feel big and strong"     
In ART we trust!