Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday, April 20 Concert

Maksim Velichkin, Boris Andrianov, Serge Oskotsky. March concert

Andrew Shapiro. Selections from "Numbers, Colors and People"
Andrew Shapiro - piano

Barbara Strozzi. Cantata "L'eraclito amoroso"
Charlene Chi - mezzo soprano
Jason Yoshida - theorbo

F. Schubert. Sonata a moll D.537
Allegro ma non troppo
Allegretto quasi andantino
Allegro vivace
Pavel Petrov - piano

Oscar Navarro. Piano Trio "Things of Destiny"
Sergio Gamez - violin
Joo Lee - cello
Regulo Martinez - piano

P.Tchaikovsky. Melody.
Roberto Cani - violin
Yana Reznik - piano
C.Saint-Saens. Piano Trio #2 e moll
Allegro non troppo
Andante con moto
Grazioso poco allegro
Allegro non troppo
Maksim Velichkin - cello
Yana Reznik - piano
Timothy Braun - violin

A.Arensky. Piano Trio in D minor Op.32
Allegro moderato
Eduardo Delgado - piano
David Chernyavsky - violin
Serge Oskotsky - cello

focusing on a classical art form of
serious contemporary representational art


It is our special privilege to showcase a master whose place in art history is already well-secured. Recognized for the multi-figure works, in Russian "kartina", Leonid Steele is "a living legacy to the Art of the Soviet Union" and an important part of the generation that preserved for us and passed alone the principles and traditions of venerable Russian Realist School.
Known at the time as "Socialist Realism" or "Sotsrealism," the movement has given its main attention to a common man on an unprecedented before and probably after scale. The kind, compassionate and understanding look at the everyday man/woman of society, with all his and her inner world depicted on the canvases of the best artists struck the cord with their contemporaries. The empathy towards the common man is Sotsrealism's main contribution to the World history of Art.
The Art in the Soviet Union through its capacity to communicate basic human emotions to common people helped to preserve people's integrity as individuals in midst of largely inhuman society. It became the main vehicle of people's internal freedom and now stands as a testimony to the insuppressible and self-preserving powers of human spirit.