Tuesday, April 3, 2012

CU “ALL-STAR” SEASON FINALE MONDAY APRIL 9 - Music & Arts in the Studio + Potluck Party

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 As our CU family is due to greatly expand in May, we are celebrating our last concert of the season a bit early, with a brilliant lineup of Classical Underground star performers.

We are so fortunate to have Eduardo Delgado as a frequent guest, for there is no finer performer anywhere of the Argentinian repertoire -- on this occasion works by Carlos Guastavino, Alberto Ginastera, and Eduardo's show-stopping favorite, "Adios Nonino," by Astor Piazzolla.  

With hands that remarkably resemble the great master's own 12-note spanners -- and not forgetting a musical lineage of the highest Russian tradition that he is in turn passing on through his International Piano Academy in Freiburg -- Jura Margulis is uniquely gifted for playing the virtuoso repertoire of Sergei Rachmaninoff.  For CU, he will perform a selection of Rachmaninoff's op. 23 and op. 32 Preludes, the height of late Romanticism from the dawn of the 20th century.

Jura Margulis  
Jura Margulis

Returning to CU after too long an absence, crowd favorite violinist Moni Simeonov will perform Brahms along with CU newcomer Jiayi Shi on piano, a frequent partner of Moni's great teacher Midori.

 Moni Simeonov
Jiayi Shi

                Jiayi Shi 

In February we were delighted by the CU debuts of pianist/composer Anna Drubich and the terrific cellist Evgeny Tonkha.  Joined by violinist Elicia Silverstein, they cap the season with a deliciously diverse pair of trios from Mozart and Piazzolla.  

Evgeny TonkhaElicia Silverstein Anna Drubich
Evgeny Tonkha, cello          Elicia Silverstein , violin       Anna Drubich, piano    

As always - bring your spirits, food and drink for you and your friends to enjoy.  Please RSVP via Paypal above. If you have problems with Paypal - email us right away.



We are most grateful to our supportive friends at

for graciously providing us with their incomparable instrument.  


Classical Underground Showcase:    

It is an honor and a privilege to showcase one of California's legendary realist painters, John Asaro. It is hard to overstate the importance of this unique artist to a resurgence of California Realism, as well as to the development of an entire new generation of today's leading California figurative painters to whom he served as inspiration, encouragement and an example in contrast to the largely aesthetically hostile art scene of a seemingly long gone "modernist domination" past.

John Asaro
John Asaro
 51 x 72 in

In the trajectory that saw one of the Golden State's eminent artists transforming from a long career in "genre scenes" into what the artist describes as "figure portrait arrangements," it seams that John's deep interest in exploring the coloristic effects of an intense California sun transformed into an equally intense desire to "re-construct" the figure out of a violent clash of bold colors and gestural lines, stark flat almost electric backgrounds, and the tonally rendered forms of human flesh through a shear force of a dynamic brushwork.

John's work stands as a great example of the enduring powers of Realism as a human visual language, as well as the boundless possibilities this remarkable language presents to an ever-restless mind.
In ART we trust!