Saturday, December 5, 2009

After concert notes

How fortunate we all were last night as it was certainly absolutely unforgettable benchmark for our Classical Underground. The intimacy of live music-making between Boris Andrianov, Liza Andrianov, Roberto Cani, Yana Reznik …you simply had to be there to know, as it was purely experiential.

Boris Andrianov proves once again – “Classical” can rock you and shake you to the depths of your foundation…that’s what the real ART does and ART can only be HIGH. - Alexey

Was amazing! Thank you for bringing together such great talents. I adore music and have not seen a live performance in a while, what a rush of sensations.
See you next time. - Anahita

- Kirk

Indeed an incredible performance...!!! A concert to be remembered!!! -

That was the most amazing night... - Christina

Dear Alexey and Olga,
The evening with Boris Andrianov and Friends was spectacular. He is an astonishing virtuoso, and everyone played impeccably. The Shostakovich trio was heartbreaking—a reminder of a terrible time for his (and your) country.

Thank you for all you do to keep the true spirit of music and art alive in LA. Affectionately, - Judith

For more photographs from the event please go to Picasa - courtesy of Michael Herf and Alexey Steele.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

December 3 Programme

alexey steele presents
December 3, 2009
Friends in Town Series

P.Tchaikovsky Nocturne Falla Suite populaire Espagnole
El Pano Moruno

M.Bruch Kol Nidrei

G.Sollima Alone (cello solo)

S.Rachmaninov 3 romances
V molchanii nochi tainoi
Kak mne bolno
Vesennie vodi

G.Sollima Lamentatio

N.Paganini Variations on One string on a theme by Rossini's opera Mose in Egitto

D.Shostakovitch Trio N.2 e minor in 4 movements

Performed by:

Boris Andrianov (cello)
Elizavetta Andrianov (piano)
Roberto Cani (violin)
Yana Reznik (piano)

focusing on a classical art form of
serious contemporary representational art


previewing works of CU painters
from a recent Mexico trip

We just came from the most incredible painting excursion alone with our east coast compadres to San Miguel de Allende and we decided to share with you some of the material we brought back. It was a remarkable trip of artistic camaraderie and inspiration, excitement and all-out nutty fun, of discoveries and stimulating exchanges - all fueling our very own joint cultural insurgency in the name of ART.

Ignat Ignatov, Street Corner 12" X 9"

Jeremy Lipking "Doll seller" 8" X 6" oil

Alexey Steele "Shoeshiner. San Miguel Jay" 65" X 26"

It was an extraordinary trip... It was absolutely enormous shook me to the ground depths... What true to the core, solid and grounded characters...still somehow untouched by the all-avergizing militant consumerism of "empty can" worshipers... I saw enormous in their raw, authentic strength and unpolished beauty themes and images...

Everything that ART as TRUTH is all about - lays bare right there...south of our border...

Mexico...what a mythic land of so real people and so true characters...humble without subservience, proud without much we've lost in a name of "consumer"

Viva Revolucion de Arte!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rex and Classical Underground on ABC Eyewitness News

by Adrienne Alpert, KABC

Thanks to music, a teen with severe disabilities discovered an extraordinary talent. And with it, what could have been a very limited life has enlightened thousands.

Cathleen Lewis was told her son might never walk or talk. Rex was born blind and mentally impaired 14 years ago. He developed autistic symptoms. But at age 2, he was given a piano.

Rex cannot read music. He can play exactly what he hears. He is one of the world's very few musical savants. Rex learned all of "Rhapsody in Blue" in five hours. He has music teachers and hours of practice, and his technique, his improvisation, are growing more sophisticated every day.

Rex performed at Classical Underground earlier this month, a progressive venue. He and his mother travel frequently for his performances. She speaks, delivering a message of inspiration.

"Rex is my greatest teacher. He's taught me to stop just chasing after 'things,'" said Cathleen.

Cathleen walked away from a career in finance and now teaches visually impaired children when she and Rex aren't on the road.

"He gets such joy when he plays for people. You should see his face. It's like plugging him into an electrical socket. He lights up like he's been given a shot of adrenaline," said Cathleen.

And while audiences are clearly moved by this boy whose world revolves around music, Cathleen has written a book describing her life with Rex and the music that transformed them.

"There's no giving up, I'm on a fascinating ride. It's not just not giving up. It's 'enjoy the ride,'" said Cathleen.

Rex doesn't carry on a conversation, but he has opinions. When asked whose music he likes best, he answers, "Mine."

He goes to public high school where he receives special education. And just recently, a breakthrough.

"Out of the blue, last year, he had his hand on a page of Braille, and all of a sudden, he was reading Braille. Six years later," said Cathleen.

With his heightened sensitivity, Rex couldn't touch Braille, until now. And he is broadening his musical abilities by learning how to sing.

Music opened Rex's curiosity about the world. There is no telling where it might take him.

(Copyright ©2010 KABC-TV/DT. All Rights Reserved.)

Friday, November 20, 2009

December 3 concert: Boris Andrianov - friends in town series

As we enjoy here in the Angelic City of ours a constellation of extraordinary talent that we so often enjoy within our Classical Underground platform, we often miss our good friends, some going many ears back, but who visit us rarely. Those who were fortunate enough to stay till midnight at March 2nd concert to hear our dear friend Boris Andrianov, know what I am talking about.

As my painting path taks me to far corners of the World as of late, we almost missed each other with Boris this time around... and I simply couldn't stand the thought of missing one of my personal favorite musicians of our time.

Well, as the main premise of Classical Underground is to showcase the greatest "Classical" has to offer, as, in our view, the only way ART can exist, and we never flinch to experiment to this end as we enjoy the journey - we are extremely excited to announce the Classical Underground Special - our new "Friends in Town Showcase" ... and yes, our first offering is Boris Andrianov and Friends!!!!!

Guest star:
Boris Andrianov - cello
together with:
Elizavetta Andrianov - piano
Yana Reznik - piano
Roberto Cani - violin

The program to be announced at the concert - Boris Andrianov carte blanche and the Shostakovich piano trio.

Since the last time reservation and admission process worked out, we ask you to pre-pay for your entrance even if you would like to come later in the evening - with PayPal (accepts all credit cards and bank accounts). Your pre-payment will be your reservation. Please bring the receipt to the concert please. Sorry, no refunds.

we are sold out!

Monday, November 9, 2009

November 9 Programme

alexey steele presents
November 9, 2009
Chamber music series
Music director Maksim Velichkin

Jörg Widmann "Air"
Ben Jaber-horn

J.Brahms Waltz Medley Opus 39
F.Chopin Fantaisie Impromptu
Improvisation off a Chopin Nocturne

Rex Lewis-Clack-piano

P. Tchaikovsky Meditation
Lyudmila Adzhemova -violin
Maksim Velichkin-piano

M.Ravel Ondine
W. Bolcom Serpent's Kiss Ragtime

Georgi Slavchev-piano

J.S. Bach Sarabande from Suite no.6
N.Paganini Caprice #17

August Lee -cello

N. Burgmüller Duo op.15
Sergei Vassilyev-clarinet
Harout Senekeremian-piano

Duke Ellington T.G.T.T. from Second Sacred Service
Tricia Oney-lyric soprano

F.Liszt Rhapsody # 12
Yana Reznik-piano


J.S. Bach Invention (arrangement with viola)
Serge Oskotsky-cello, Alexander Gurevich-viola

P.Hindemith duo for 2 cellos
Serge Oskotsky-cello, Maksim Velichkin-cello

F.Liszt Funerailles
Soo Lee-piano

Schumann Adagio and Allegro
"Duo Esperanza"

Joo Lee-cello
Soo Lee-piano

I.Albeniz : from "Iberia":
El Puerto

Regulo Martinez-piano

J. Williams Theme from "Schindler's List"
S. Prokofiev March from "The Love For Three Oranges"

Saschka Haberl-violin
Yana Reznik-piano

N.Kapustin Variations Op 41
Harout Senekeremian-piano



focusing on a classical art form of serious contemporary representational art

CU Painter: Leonid Steele

Today's my Dad's birthday...he turned 88, a Great Man, a Warrior of Art, Maestro and Living Classic...he come to the studio today and we painted a nude.

It was special indeed...he blasted half of 18" X 24" before we even got to set up...he wrote a poem tonight, in Russian of course, but the meaning of it was that time has no power over feeling and once you go just by your feeling, you remain eternally young...he should know

This is a portrait of my grandmother he did in 1954.

Portrait of Mother 31" x 39" oil on canvas

A deep realist who transformed through his humanist eye the collective artistic effort of his generation into timeless images that speak to us now, Classical Underground celebrates the life-long work of a Master for whom ART was and is a way of LIFE.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 9 is Sold Out

It never seizes to amaze us, but we are sold out of all allocated spaces by 12:30 p.m.

Thank you for your support and appreciation of Classical Underground platform. We hope to see you all at our future events that are in the works.

Friday, October 23, 2009

November 9th CU Chamber Music Series

Dear friends,

As you know, our Classical Underground is an experiment - a joint experiment where everyone is contributing their presence, ideas, talent, attention, and interests. As we are growing, we are trying to avoid any "growing pains" and keep it fun and easy.

Classical Underground is the place where you are surrounded with art, meet new and old friends, relax with some wine and, of course, listen to the great music - all in the artistic and inspirational environment.

We decided to try to simplify the RSVP process, and are asking you to pre-pay for your entrance with PayPal (accepts all credit cards and bank accounts). Your pre-payment will be your reservation. Please don't forget to provide your name in the special field for the notes.

P.S. due to the number of people who wanted to come last time, please note that only those who pre-paid will be admitted - even if you would like to come later in the evening. All sales are final.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Notes from our audience - from you! Thank you!

Wow! What a beautiful evening we had on September 28! I think that your words speak better than anything else. Here are some warm words you sent us - and thank you again for making it happen!

What an exceptional evening. I felt honored to be a part of such an incredibly rich event. - Romy


Thank you so much…for your effort, for astounding quality, for a generous and easy vibe, for excellent management, for inclusion and gathering those people together and letting me come be with them, and above all, for a “not one thing felt weird or less than fabulous” evening!

Well done by all of you, Classical Underground! - Lisa

Thank you for a wonderful evening and a great time! Can't wait for the next one! - Tim

Thank you and bravo!

Last night was thrilling. There were moments when I felt the top of my head might actually blow off from from the excitement of all that virtuosity! Everything about the evening was first class: the magnificent performers, the superb programming, the astonishing music, the setting (with Alexey's glorious artwork), the warmth of the host and hostess, the enthusiastic audience.I feel as though I've finally found my home "tribe," and I can hardly wait for your next! - Judith

Monday, September 28, 2009

September 28 Programme

We thank Steinway Piano Gallery of Hollywood for supporting CU mission and for providing their incredible D291 concert fleet piano that sounded within “Grand Atelier” unique acoustics and setting like nothing we’ve ever heard.
Thank you, Gavin! Thank you, Jura!

alexey steele presents

Chamber Music Series
Music Director Maksim Velichkin


M. Bruch. Kol Nidrei
Maksim Velichkin-cello, Yana Reznik-piano

B. Smetana. Piano Trio 1st m-nt
Julia Salerno-violin, Joo Lee-cello, David Kempe-piano

Marcel Grandjany. Pastorale
Vanessa Sheldon. Journey of a Falling Leaf
Gabriel Fauré. Pavane
Gioaccino Rossini. Allegro Brillante from Sonata for Harp
Vanessa Sheldon-harp

Frederic Chopin Mazurka C sharp minor, Op. 30, No. 4 (1810 -1849)
Ballade in G minor, Op. 23
Jura Margulis-piano

Paul Coletti "From My Heart"
Tina Guo-cello, Yana Reznik-piano

Paul Spaeth. Inner Realm
Parts I, II, III
A. Copland "The Cat and the Mouse"
Yana Reznik-piano

N. Paganini. Moses Variations
Tina Guo, Maksim Velichkin-celli


Claude Debussy Reflets dans l'eau (1862-1918) L´isle joyeuse
Jura Margulis-piano

M. de Falla. Siete Canciones Populares
Charlene Chi-mezzo-soprano, Jordan Rashkov-piano

N. Paganini. Nel Cor Piu
Roberto Cani-violin

A. Scriabin. Sonata #5
Pavel Petrov-piano

Gernot Wolfgang. Common Ground
1. Blues Upside Down
2. Trading Places
3. Igor, At Last
Armen Ksajikian-cello
Judith Farmer-bassoon

E. Chausson Poeme
Radu Pieptea-violin, Kanae Matsumoto-piano



focusing on a classical art form of serious contemporary representational art

Fr. Electrico Bronze · 36" x 18" x 18"


Monday, September 21, 2009

Jura Margulis Coming to Classical Underground!

CU celebrates the first participation of an old friend, the international concert pianist and recording artist Jura Margulis, who comes to LA to play for us from Fayetteville, where he is the McAllister Professor of Piano at the University of Arkansas.

When Jura Margulis will come up to play on Sept. 28, it will certainly be a rare moment for all music lovers at CU; it will also be a very special moment for me personally. It is not only because Jura is a world class pianist and a close personal friend, it is also because Jura is a second generation of world class pianists close personal friends.
His father, Prof. Vitaly Margulis, one of the world greatest and renowned piano gurus whom I consider one of genuine High Priests of Music and Arts, is one of the friends of youth of my father. He is also one of the essential influences in my love of Classical Music. It started way back in the late 40s, very hard years right after the devastation of Nazi invasion and what is known in Russia as Great Patriotic War. My Dad’s first love Emma, a wonderful pianist with whom they remained life-long friends, once took him, as she put it very simply and understatedly, to “hear a Genius.” My Dad was a bright young star-student at the Leningrad Art Academy /Repin Institute/ and the “Genius” was a star-student of the Leningrad Conservatory rocking the vibrant world of Leningrad music lovers. It was, of course, Vitaly Margulis. They became instant friends until Vitaly immigrated to the West in the 70s to become one of the world’s most admired piano teachers and a musicians’ musician. After not seeing each other for almost 25 years, they improbably reunited in Los Angeles as Vitaly came from Germany to assume his professor position at UCLA.

Childhood memories of our Kiev living-room gatherings and Vitaly’s world of worshipping true ART and the magic of inseparable interaction of music and painting that he brought with him to LA became some of the most important inspirations for our Classical Underground model. Soon after joyous and much celebrated in various forms reunion, which included incidentally our joined experience of 1994 Northridge Earthquake in our Marina Del Rey apartment, I met Jura, who just came to the US to study with legendary Leon Fleisher in Baltimore.

Right after we met and started talking, we’d spend till morning wee hours in a continuous conversations (amongst other things) about ART, its place and future in human society, about our visions, dreams, and hopes. Rarely had I seen anyone with a similar combination and facility of musical and intellectual prowess. Rarely had I met anyone who shared my views on ART and its future more fundamentally and intensely. Some of our grand ideas turned into earliest projects in spreading our message that we created together. For over a decade, before CU, we have been talking about what is High ART and how to guard and preserve it for posterity, how to give it new life and how to present it to the present, how it can and will change the world. What fun it was…and most definitely, many years after, still is.

I shall say no more of Jura, as his numerous recordings, international critical praise and his unique and magnificent music making speak for themselves. Come, meet, and hear him on September 28th.

Alexey Steele

P.S. Jura, a Steinway Artist, is the reason we will have a magnificent Steinway Grand piano for our concert on September 28th. When he visited CU in May this year, he said: we need a better piano. He contacted Steinway in New York, pulled a few strings, and sure enough – with great people like Gavin at Steinway Hollywood we got a full feature sponsoring of our event. We hope this is the beginning of a long friendship ...

About Jura Margulis:

Pianist Jura Margulis has been recognized for his compellingly communicative performances, as well as for the range of his tonal palette and his consummate virtuosity. Reviewers have praised the “absolute authority” of his interpretations and the sense of “controlled obsession” he transmits at the keyboard (Fono Forum). The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung noted that his aesthetic is both “impulsive and contemplative.” The Los Angeles Times praised his “excellent pianism” and called him “highly musical”. The Washington Post applauded his “titanic reserves of sheer power” and his “effortless spontaneity.”

His orchestral appearances include performances with the Russian National Orchestra, the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, and the Südwestrundfunk Orchestra. He has played in numerous festivals, including the Schleswig Holstein Musik Festival, the Berliner Festwochen, the International Sommeracademy Mozarteum in Austria, the Verbier Festival in Switzerland, and the Argerich-Beppu Music Festival in Japan. He has won prizes in more than a dozen international competitions, including Busoni in Italy and Guardian in Ireland. He is also a recipient of the esteemed Pro Europa prize awarded by the European Foundation for Culture. Active as a chamber musician, Margulis has performed recitals with, among others, Dmitry Sitkovetsky, the soloists of the Moscow Virtuosi, members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and the Moscow String Quartet. He also concertizes with Martha Argerich on two pianos in Germany, Japan, and the USA.

Margulis latest CD

Margulis is a third generation pianist and teacher and gives master classes in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Jura Margulis was raised in Germany, where he studied with his father, Dr. Vitaly Margulis, at the Musikhochschule in Freiburg. He was also a student at the prestigious Fondazione per il Pianoforte in Cadenabbia at Lake Como in Italy. He moved to the United States to study with Leon Fleisher at the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, and made the US his home. Margulis is the inaugural holder of the "Emily J. McAllister Endowed Professorship in Piano" at the J.W. Fulbright College of the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.

Jura Margulis’ full bio can be seen at

Saturday, September 19, 2009

LA Times Gives Major Endorsement to Classical Underground and Steinway Piano Gallery of Hollywood Sponsoring our September Event

classical underground is endorsed by LA Times

What a hot summer we got! There is so much great news to report! With an amazing LA Times endorsement of the Classical Underground concept, our cause is definitely taken us to the next step of sharing our message that ART in its true and pure form has a major role in the modern society despite of what anyone says or even to all the evidence to a contrary. Serving ART within a modern commercial world – is an ultimate act of defiance. Classical Underground proved to be a platform that can and will amplify all the voices of such defiance. That is what we stand upon and nothing else matters.

It also seems that an unlikely idea of presenting ART free of any commercial reasoning is getting its own ragtag gang of supporters. And what supporters they are!

is our official sponsor for the next event

We are extremely proud and delighted to announce that our new friend in this magical town of ours - Steinway Piano Gallery of Hollywood will be sponsoring our next event!

Not only they will provide their incomparable instrument /Model ...D... Concert... Grand... no less - whole 9' of it! / thanks to our dear friend and Steinway Artist Jura Margulis performing as part of our program, but also they will underwrite the substantial transportation costs, a highly unusual and most generous gesture for which we are deeply grateful.

From our point of view Steinway is not just another business or brand - it is one of the true and rare synonymies of "ART" at its sublime and exalting. We are so ecstatically happy that for the next evening the famous Steinway sound will merge with our very special Classical Underground Sound.

The amazing level of our musicians, our incomparable audience and the very special atmosphere and spirit of CU truly need the instrument that will match them. It is our deep belief that this instrument is the Steinway piano, the one and only, and we are so appreciative that for this night our dream comes true. Thank you, Gavin, Thank you, Jura!

We much look forward to Steinway's great future /as business/ in this town as well as for our continuous friendship and collaborations.

from Adina and Liviu

Another great example of pure generosity of heart is a completely unexpected gesture of our “true believers”, loyal CU listeners and great art enthusiasts Liviu and Adina Eftime. You are not going to believe this, but they came the other day taking a two-hour drive and very demurringly asked to help them with the box out of their car. In it there was a brand new, top-of-the-line piano bench, which every pianist that ever had to pull books from my library before performance knows how desperately we needed. Full leather lift for four hands…if this is not a pure kindness of heart, than what is?! Thank you, Liviu, Thank you, Adina!

Adina and Liviu with their gift - the piano bench

What a great reminder that CU is a unique and collective collaborative effort for the common goal. We just all do our part and to every one in our magnificent all-volunteer crew alone with every musician and painter that ever graced all of us with their incomparable gifts we owe such great measure of gratitude. That is what keeps ART alive.


Another great news and the next subversive adventure to come is our very own Classical Underground recording label. The tracks for the first album sound absolutely remarkable, perfectly conveying the intimate presence of our unique setting. That is thanks to the tireless and selfless efforts of our unsung CU hero, our very own Steinway tech guru and genuine sound magician Oleg Schramm.

Oleg Schramm

I would like to take this moment to extend the heart-felt gratitude to musicians and painters who pursue nobly their ARTS despite all, to our great audience that is a future of Classical Music and Arts, and to our remarkable all-volunteer crew of joint collaborators:

Maksim Velichkin – cellist, our great Music Director and a co-founder of music series
Oleg Schramm – a recording artist, who rocks on keyboard with the greatest in the game, top-gun Steinway tech and recording expert, our incomparable and selfless sound magician
Olga Vlasova – the artist in heart, marketing and management guru, whose “capitalist shark” credentials will be essential to CU growth beyond our walls
Julie Resh – our own video wiz, veteran Hollywood exec, and a musician soul, her insightful videos will enable to share the CU experience as wide as broadband gets

Charles and an Unnamed friend whose help with all that needs to be helped with in order to stay the course is so appreciated.

And, of course, our true hero, inspiring friend who set the new standards of what it means to support ART today and how it could be done outside of all existing establishment structures – Rick Rand, nothing would’ve ever happened without him. Thank you Rick for your friendship and for your true heart!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

From a Very Special Listener

During our August concert we had a very special person, a true musical savant in our audience. We wanted to share the unique story about him written by his mother, Cathleen Lewis.

Rex Lewis-Clack is an exceptional 14-year old. He is exceptionally gifted and exceptionally challenged. Blind, autistic, musical genius—that’s Rex … and that’s quite a mix! When Rex was invited to attend the Classical Underground event August 3 by his new friend and voice coach Sam McElroy, he was instantly captivated, first by the warm greeting he received and then by the feel and sound of the unique place. When he arrived, Alexey Steele came to greet him, and Rex immediately began a spiel from his own press, “Alexey, I’ve been profiled three times by CBS’ 60 Minutes, who labeled me a ‘musical savant’ (no pause for breath) that means I have an island of genius in a sea of disability . . . But Alexey didn’t accept the press version, cutting in with, “Rexy, Rexy … come on … all that means is you can really play music, right!?” Alexey punctuated with a laugh that struck a resonant chord with Rex, who broke out laughing himself! And with that, the tone for the evening was set. Later that evening, Rex said the music was so “big in his ears” that he felt like he was playing the piano himself!

Rex’s world was a dark place of chaos and dysfunction when he began playing the piano at age 2. He was blind with such heightened sensitivity to touch and sound from autism (imagine hearing a light switch like it’s sonic boom, or feeling the need to curl you hands into fists to avoid the merest touch) that getting through each day was a tortured balancing act for mere survival. Doctors thought he might never walk or talk. Then Rex discovered the magic of music . . . and transcendence. Banging away on the little keyboard he’d been given for his second birthday, notes began to take form, and Rex began unlocking the mysteries of his world. Notes, intervals, rhythms . . . a world of creativity and order . . . and life! Alongside the blindness and autism, Rex had an extremely rare gift . . . he had a whole world of music already in his head. He didn’t understand the chaotic world, but he did understand music, notably classical music! And when he heard (or played) a classical piece, there was a look of such intelligence and absorption on his face, that it was like he was leaving his disability behind to stroll in the heavenly realms with the likes of Mozart or Beethoven. As Rex began speaking the language of the classics, the cacophony that was the rest of the world began to transform into a place of beauty and laughter as well.

CBS 60-minutes: Catching Up with Rex

Today Rex’s music is infused with joy . . . as is his life. He continues to defy the expectations of doctors and educational specialists as he’s a living example of the healing power of music. He not only walks and talks, he runs and skies, is learning to sing opera, and travels the world meeting people and sharing his unique musical gift. In addition to the three 60 Minutes profiles that have aired to date on the 14-year old (the newsmagazine began following Rex’s life when he was only 7!) he has been the subject of various documentaries around the world, including, “Musical Savants” for the Discovery Health Channel and Britain’s “The Musical Genius” with Derek Paravicini. Rex was the recipient of the 2006 “Winspiration Award” in Germany where he traveled to perform, for taking the hand he’s been dealt in life and using it not just to “win” himself, but to “inspire” others to do the same. Blind, autistic, genius? A lot of labels people try to attach to Rex, but Alexey Steele got it right, they don’t mean anything to Rex, because he lives his life beyond labels . . . he’s just Rex! And like Alexey, Rex loves to laugh! And he uses music to celebrate his uniqueness and to celebrate life!

We all are looking forward to Rex playing at our Classical Underground!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Eduardo Delgado Recital Sept 13 Sunday

Classical Underground's own Eduardo Delgado is back home after a summer of performing and teaching in his native Argentina. The marvelously poetic and passionate pianist will be performing works of Albeniz and Mendelssohn on Sunday, Sept. 13 @ 4PM in Meng Concert Hall at Cal State Fullerton, wherehe is Professor of Piano. For ticket information, see or call 657-278-3371.

Tickets: $20 ($15 with advance titan discount) could be purchased
online here. Free weekend parking.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Tribute to Navarro and His Fine Performers

a note from our website visitor:

I've just watched and listened to the film of Oscar Navarro's piano trio, and was thrilled by the work and the performance. Thank you for making this exciting work accessible to a wider audience.As a tribute to Navarro and his fine performers, I'm enclosing below a poem I wrote after another wonderful chamber music concert I attended. Viva Classical Underground!

Judith Searle


Music heard so deeply
That it is not heard at all, but you are the music
While the music lasts.
--T.S. Eliot, "The Dry Salvages"

The violinist is dying, the pianist is dying, all of us
in this high-ceilinged room on our chairs are dying.
The roses in the sunlight streaming through the windows
are dying, though their scent is strong.

Outside a dog howls as the violin pours forth
its intricate filigree, its amazing leaps and moans.
Poor howling dog, howling for all of us sitting here
on this Sunday afternoon in the teeth of time.

We are forever brothers and sisters,
held together in this womb, birthed
through the throes of the music into the sunlight.
We howl with pain and joy.

This musk of mortality mixes with the fragrance of the roses.
The moans and sobs of the violin are indistinguishable
from the blood leaping in our veins on this
Sunday afternoon in the kingdom of forever.

The cutting edge of time is essential to the ecstasy.
The performers are our high priests, flinging themselves
into the silence to bring back treasures for the tribe,
which we devour in this ritual communion.

We ride their backs as if on dolphins,
soaring into the sunlight scattering diamonds,
plunging through the depths, lungs bursting,
our exuberance edged with panic.

In this moment of alchemy, discipline is inseparable from freedom,
fierceness from tenderness, focus from abandonment.
The music is a lover with a hundred hands, and we are reeling
with the sudden touch of sound after a moment of silence.

Worth it to be mortal on a day like this,
with the sunlight, the roses,
the music rising to heaven, swooping back
to earth, our vehicle to eternity.

--Judith Searle
from her book IN THE TEETH OF TIME

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Moni Simeonov at Tanglewood Music Festival

Our wonderful friend and unforgettable musician Moni Simeonov reports directly from the Tanglewood Music Festival:

"I was concertmaster for the Tanglewood Music Festival. The orchestra is the Tanglewood Festival Orchestra, the Choir is the Tanglewood Festival Chorus, Conductor is James Levine, music director for both the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Metropolitan Opera. The seven vocal soloists have all been with the Met opera for a long time.

It was a concert performance of Richard Wagner`s Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg. It took place in the Serge Kousevitsky Shed at Tanglewood, before over 4 thousand people. "

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

World premiere of Oscar Navarro piano trio performed at Classical Underground is now on YouTube

On April 20, 2009 concert, no one knew in the audience that the piano trio they just heard and liked so much was a world-premier performance. The announcement was very simple: Oscar Navarro piano trio performed by Regulo Martinez, Sergio Gamez and Joo Lee. People were wondering about the name for a moment, but were immediately grabbed by the music from the first note...

No one knew the composer was right there amoung us in the audience. Even when he stepped up to the "stage" for a moment, to thank demurely the wildly cheering audience, many still didn't quite realize what just happened.

That was Oscar Navarro, a young Spanish composer and musician, finishing his studies in LA.

"This trio " Things of Destiny " is a present for my Girlfriend Noelia Belijar. I wrote it thinking in the music that she loves, long melodies, colourful harmonies, and rithmic parts" ... - says Oscar Navarro. -

"The trio was writen for the Benefit Gala " Spanish Culture Figthing against Cancer " organized by the Spanish Coucelor D. Inocencio Arias.

The musicians are really amazing, both are my friends and I knew them at the University USC. Very talented people and passionate."

Regulo Martinez (piano), Sergio Gamez (violin), Joo Lee (cello).

World premiere of a new piano trio by composer Oscar Navarro, performed in Los Angeles at Classical Underground on 4/20/09 filmed and edited by our Classical Underground operative and video wizz Julie Resh with the help of Vladimir Kulgeyko.

Composer Oscar Navarro discusses the premiere of his Piano Trio with Alexey Steele.

by Olga Vlasova, Classical Underground

Sunday, August 2, 2009

We are in our 3rd season!

August Concert
this coming
Monday, the 3rd at 8:30pm

music director

M a k s i m
V e l i c h k i n

It always feels good when lots of great things are happening and it is certainly true with our
Classical Underground right now thanks to the wonderful collaborative spirit by the gang of magnificent talents in a subversive effort to serve the true ART within a jaded modern society.

Our new website, the article in the Gramophone. We are also working on our first Classical Underground disc!
Things are getting hot here in the studio in every sense with the current heat wave, but braving the elements, we are still having our illustrious gathering.

Whether it's freezing cold of a winter or a summer heat - the Arts still rule the day and we invite you to share this spirit with us as always. We will start at 8:30 p.m. to let the night bring us some fresh air and then again... Some Like it Hot!!!

Really warmly this time around,


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Maksim Velichkin From Verbier: You Can Now Watch Verbier Concerts Live

Some of you may know that our Music Director Maksim Velichkin is currently at the Verbier Festival where he is playing Principal Cello in two concerts. For those of you who are ready to follow our wonderful Classical Underground musicians all around the world, you now have a rare opportunity to experience this jewel of the world's classical festivals, and listen live (and free) to the concerts from Verbier in the coolness of your own home!

Just go to - and it is all yours - with your own choice of a drink :).

Verbier Festival features 29 concerts live or on VOD from July 17 to August 2: Martha Argerich, Vadim Repin, Evgeny Kissin, Mischa Maisky, Yuja Wang, Joshua Bell and many more great musicians.

More information on
Verbier Festival.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yuliya Barsky Offers a Recording of Her Studio Production "Adventures of Pekka, Once Upon a Practice"

With a new school year approaching, Yuliya Barsky is offering Classical Underground members and friends a recording of her studio production “Adventures of Pekka, Once Upon a Practice”. This is a time travel tale for all ages, introducing young and young-at-heart to the Baroque period music and its composers via a delightful original story interwoven with music for piano, violin, voice and cello. In making this production, aside from the musicians who have performed at Classical Underground - Yuliya Barsky (piano) and Ludmila Adzhemova (violin), one would hear Vahe Hayrikian (cello), Michael Daniels (baritone), Frank Matcha (narrator) and ten piano students of Yuliyard Aesthetic Center.

This CD will make a unique and original gift to any of your classical music aficionados, children and adults alike. Feel free to contact Yuliya at to obtain your own copy.

For more news and information on traditional Russian method music education check

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yana Reznik on Urban Sage TV program

Here's a link to an interview Yana Reznik did for a Holistic Healing TV program called Urban Sage. ( Dr.Bodhise, the person behind the Urban Sage, is a healer and spiritual inspiration, who has helped millions to find balance and happiness and well being. He now has a TV program broadcasting all over the world and since music is a big part of our nourishment, Yana was asked to participate. And you can watch the result.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Save the date

Due to the popular demand, we decided to open our 3rd season a month early. So please save the date - August 3 - as always, it is Monday.

The invitations will be send out later in July. Make sure you are on our email list.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Yana Reznik - Debut CD "Bad-Tempered Pianist"

Yana Reznik has completed the recording of her Debut CD Album called "Bad-Tempered Pianist". The CD will include the works performed at Classical Underground throughout the year and more, including Gershwin "Rhapsody in Blue", Granados "Allegro de Concierto". If you'd like to be the first owners of the CD and have it signed by Yana, you can pre-order the CD by emailing Yana at The expected release date is end of July.

More information about Yana Reznik is at

Monday, May 25, 2009

May 18 Follow up

It is the final concert of our 2nd season!

You can view some photos

Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday, May 18

chamber music at the studio series
May Concert this coming Monday
the 18th at 8:00pm
music director
M a k s i m V e l i c h k i n

Dear friends,

Please, join us to celebrate the beginning of summer with Music and Art!

Warmly, Alexey

P.S. Congratulations to our own, Classical Underground fomented trio of Eduardo Delgado, David Chernyavsky and Serge Oskotsky on their fabulous recent performance at Disney Hall


(detailes to be announced during the concert)

Music of Joaquin Turina, G. Rossini, Jean Francaix, Ralph Vaughan Wiliams, F. Chopin, S. Rachmaninov, F. Poulenc, E. Bloch, I. Stravinsky, R. Strauss, E. Granados, A. Piazzolla.

Performed by:
Iren Arutyunyan (guitar)
Yulia Barsky (piano)
Allison Bjorkedal (harp)
Leo Chelyapov (clarinet)Alexei Gourevich (clarinet)
Tina Guo (cello)
Yin Yin Huang (piano)
Alexey Klyushnik (bass)
Sam McElroy (baritone)
Anastasia Nemirovich-Danchenko (piano)
Mikael Oganesyan (piano)
Tina Chang Qu (violin)Yana Reznik (piano)Harout Senekeremian (piano)
Alex Shlifer (violin)
Marissa Sorajia (violin)
Limor Toren (violin)
Maksim Velichkin (cello)
Ling Yan (cello)


focusing on a classical art form of serious contemporary representational art

It is a distinct pleasure to showcase a friend and one of my absolutely favorite living artists. If you still don't know Jeremy, you should, if you know of him, there is your chance to see his most recent work.

Jeremy Lipking "Skylar" oil on canvas 36" x 22"Following in footsteps of best masters of French Naturalist School, which I still prefer calling Realist School, Jeremy in many ways embodies the undeniable "figurative shift" in contemporary American art, championed by the dedicated search of an entire generation of young talents today.
His work has a rare quality of presence and authenticity, glancing at pensive, internalized characters caught in a twilight of their world and defined by delicately elegant, subtle value range, somewhat melancholic palette and exceptionally crafted forms, all making seeing his paintings an unabashed act of pleasure.
It is a true thrill to have a master of such rare ability among us, who contributes greatly to the excitement of our bubbling artistic dialog and helps making Los Angeles one of the most vibrant destinations in the most current exploration of Art's true frontiers.

Welcome to Classical Underground

It is close to the end of our second season - and it is about time to have our blog!
Thank you, everyone, for being patient, and for being loyal to our events.

We will be posting information about our concerts, musicians, composers and artists hopefully in reasonable time.

Meanwhile, click on "subscribe" button to ensure that you are on our list.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday, April 20 Concert

Maksim Velichkin, Boris Andrianov, Serge Oskotsky. March concert

Andrew Shapiro. Selections from "Numbers, Colors and People"
Andrew Shapiro - piano

Barbara Strozzi. Cantata "L'eraclito amoroso"
Charlene Chi - mezzo soprano
Jason Yoshida - theorbo

F. Schubert. Sonata a moll D.537
Allegro ma non troppo
Allegretto quasi andantino
Allegro vivace
Pavel Petrov - piano

Oscar Navarro. Piano Trio "Things of Destiny"
Sergio Gamez - violin
Joo Lee - cello
Regulo Martinez - piano

P.Tchaikovsky. Melody.
Roberto Cani - violin
Yana Reznik - piano
C.Saint-Saens. Piano Trio #2 e moll
Allegro non troppo
Andante con moto
Grazioso poco allegro
Allegro non troppo
Maksim Velichkin - cello
Yana Reznik - piano
Timothy Braun - violin

A.Arensky. Piano Trio in D minor Op.32
Allegro moderato
Eduardo Delgado - piano
David Chernyavsky - violin
Serge Oskotsky - cello

focusing on a classical art form of
serious contemporary representational art


It is our special privilege to showcase a master whose place in art history is already well-secured. Recognized for the multi-figure works, in Russian "kartina", Leonid Steele is "a living legacy to the Art of the Soviet Union" and an important part of the generation that preserved for us and passed alone the principles and traditions of venerable Russian Realist School.
Known at the time as "Socialist Realism" or "Sotsrealism," the movement has given its main attention to a common man on an unprecedented before and probably after scale. The kind, compassionate and understanding look at the everyday man/woman of society, with all his and her inner world depicted on the canvases of the best artists struck the cord with their contemporaries. The empathy towards the common man is Sotsrealism's main contribution to the World history of Art.
The Art in the Soviet Union through its capacity to communicate basic human emotions to common people helped to preserve people's integrity as individuals in midst of largely inhuman society. It became the main vehicle of people's internal freedom and now stands as a testimony to the insuppressible and self-preserving powers of human spirit.