Friday, October 23, 2009

November 9th CU Chamber Music Series

Dear friends,

As you know, our Classical Underground is an experiment - a joint experiment where everyone is contributing their presence, ideas, talent, attention, and interests. As we are growing, we are trying to avoid any "growing pains" and keep it fun and easy.

Classical Underground is the place where you are surrounded with art, meet new and old friends, relax with some wine and, of course, listen to the great music - all in the artistic and inspirational environment.

We decided to try to simplify the RSVP process, and are asking you to pre-pay for your entrance with PayPal (accepts all credit cards and bank accounts). Your pre-payment will be your reservation. Please don't forget to provide your name in the special field for the notes.

P.S. due to the number of people who wanted to come last time, please note that only those who pre-paid will be admitted - even if you would like to come later in the evening. All sales are final.

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