Monday, April 25, 2022

CU colab: Ukraine Benefit Concert, May 1, 6:30 pm at Frost Auditorium


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Ukraine Benefit


Peace Message

Through Art

Classical Underground is proud to collaborate

with constellation of great organizations and friends

such as venerable Jacaranda Music,

Wende Museum of the Cold War, 

Culver City Forward,

Culver City Unified School District


Culver City Artist Laureate Alexey Steele

on organizing a Benefit Concert

in support of Ukraine!

Come join us


May 1, 6:30 pm

at the

magnificent Frost Auditorium

in Culver City



for the special program

that includes long time CU friends

Pianist Inna Faliks, violinist Myroslava Khomik,

pianist Steven Vanhauwaert as well as

cellist Antonio Lysy, actor Alex Feldman

and actor Cástulo Guerra


It's free to join with a seat reservation

For tickets, go here:


Leonid Steele The Land 1968.jpg

Leonid Steele "The Land" 1968

Dear CU family,


With all that we had to live through since 2020 it was impossible to even imagine what 2022 would bring. Yet, what we now witness can only be compared to a distorted horror night mare in a slow motion.


I was born in Kiev. My father, Leonid Steele was a unique artist with the most significant part of his rich creative life spent in Ukraine. He was perhaps the highest profile Ukrainian artist of the 50s, 60s and 70s to ever reside in the US. Leonid Steele survived the infamous "golodomor" of 1933 and as a Red Army soldier was gravely wounded during the First Siege of his home town Kharkiv in 1941. It is impossible to comprehend that my Dad's city of youth is now under siege again, only now by the grandson's of those same Red Army soldiers. Survivor of war, Leonid Steele believed all his life in two things - Peace and People. He believed that all great art is about it and that this is the most vital role of true art. He created amazing and powerful in their deeply humanistic expression images of Ukrainian people and his iconic works are now the anthem to the people whom he knew so well, loved so much and portrayed so compellingly.


We have to advance Peace even in the darkest hour of horrible war.

For this we launched the website



it is showing

Leonid Steele's Ukrainian Themed Works

and dedicated to art and artists

raising their voice and their art for peace

7 Did Vakula 1959 .jpg

Leonid Steele "Did Vakulo" 1959

The staggering devastation in Ukraine is just as criminal as it is reason defying. 


Early UN estimates indicate that nearly three in 10 people in Ukraine need life-saving humanitarian assistance


Large sections of residential areas in major cities are destroyed. Astounding five million people had to flee the country as refugees while additional seven million are internally displaced. They need urgent help with basic needs. 


With all limitations we can all do something.

In the recent weeks many of you were sending their good wishes an asking how they could help.


Here is How

Come May 1 and/or Donate


The May 1 Benefit Concert is a fundraising for the awesome charity Direct Relief. Founded in 1948, Direct Relief has deployed more than 250 tons of medical aid to Ukraine since the war broke out. The organization is working with Ukraine’s Ministry of Health and other groups in the region to provide requested medical aid — from field medic backpacks to oxygen concentrators — while preparing to offer longer-term aid to people displaced or affected by the war. With Direct Relief your donation goes to those in need on the ground and distributed by local organizations.


This war shall stop!



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