Friday, November 20, 2009

December 3 concert: Boris Andrianov - friends in town series

As we enjoy here in the Angelic City of ours a constellation of extraordinary talent that we so often enjoy within our Classical Underground platform, we often miss our good friends, some going many ears back, but who visit us rarely. Those who were fortunate enough to stay till midnight at March 2nd concert to hear our dear friend Boris Andrianov, know what I am talking about.

As my painting path taks me to far corners of the World as of late, we almost missed each other with Boris this time around... and I simply couldn't stand the thought of missing one of my personal favorite musicians of our time.

Well, as the main premise of Classical Underground is to showcase the greatest "Classical" has to offer, as, in our view, the only way ART can exist, and we never flinch to experiment to this end as we enjoy the journey - we are extremely excited to announce the Classical Underground Special - our new "Friends in Town Showcase" ... and yes, our first offering is Boris Andrianov and Friends!!!!!

Guest star:
Boris Andrianov - cello
together with:
Elizavetta Andrianov - piano
Yana Reznik - piano
Roberto Cani - violin

The program to be announced at the concert - Boris Andrianov carte blanche and the Shostakovich piano trio.

Since the last time reservation and admission process worked out, we ask you to pre-pay for your entrance even if you would like to come later in the evening - with PayPal (accepts all credit cards and bank accounts). Your pre-payment will be your reservation. Please bring the receipt to the concert please. Sorry, no refunds.

we are sold out!

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