Wednesday, August 5, 2009

World premiere of Oscar Navarro piano trio performed at Classical Underground is now on YouTube

On April 20, 2009 concert, no one knew in the audience that the piano trio they just heard and liked so much was a world-premier performance. The announcement was very simple: Oscar Navarro piano trio performed by Regulo Martinez, Sergio Gamez and Joo Lee. People were wondering about the name for a moment, but were immediately grabbed by the music from the first note...

No one knew the composer was right there amoung us in the audience. Even when he stepped up to the "stage" for a moment, to thank demurely the wildly cheering audience, many still didn't quite realize what just happened.

That was Oscar Navarro, a young Spanish composer and musician, finishing his studies in LA.

"This trio " Things of Destiny " is a present for my Girlfriend Noelia Belijar. I wrote it thinking in the music that she loves, long melodies, colourful harmonies, and rithmic parts" ... - says Oscar Navarro. -

"The trio was writen for the Benefit Gala " Spanish Culture Figthing against Cancer " organized by the Spanish Coucelor D. Inocencio Arias.

The musicians are really amazing, both are my friends and I knew them at the University USC. Very talented people and passionate."

Regulo Martinez (piano), Sergio Gamez (violin), Joo Lee (cello).

World premiere of a new piano trio by composer Oscar Navarro, performed in Los Angeles at Classical Underground on 4/20/09 filmed and edited by our Classical Underground operative and video wizz Julie Resh with the help of Vladimir Kulgeyko.

Composer Oscar Navarro discusses the premiere of his Piano Trio with Alexey Steele.

by Olga Vlasova, Classical Underground

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  1. What a beautiful piece! Congratulations on the premiere.


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