Saturday, December 5, 2009

After concert notes

How fortunate we all were last night as it was certainly absolutely unforgettable benchmark for our Classical Underground. The intimacy of live music-making between Boris Andrianov, Liza Andrianov, Roberto Cani, Yana Reznik …you simply had to be there to know, as it was purely experiential.

Boris Andrianov proves once again – “Classical” can rock you and shake you to the depths of your foundation…that’s what the real ART does and ART can only be HIGH. - Alexey

Was amazing! Thank you for bringing together such great talents. I adore music and have not seen a live performance in a while, what a rush of sensations.
See you next time. - Anahita

- Kirk

Indeed an incredible performance...!!! A concert to be remembered!!! -

That was the most amazing night... - Christina

Dear Alexey and Olga,
The evening with Boris Andrianov and Friends was spectacular. He is an astonishing virtuoso, and everyone played impeccably. The Shostakovich trio was heartbreaking—a reminder of a terrible time for his (and your) country.

Thank you for all you do to keep the true spirit of music and art alive in LA. Affectionately, - Judith

For more photographs from the event please go to Picasa - courtesy of Michael Herf and Alexey Steele.

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