Friday, February 19, 2010

February 22 Programme

alexey steele presents
February 22, 2010
Where ARTS meet series

J.S. Bach. Brandenburg Concerto No. 3
i Allegro
ii Adagio
iii Allegro
Yuliya Barsky - piano

Mikael Oganesyan - piano

F. Schubert
Du Bist Die Ruh
Sam McElroy - baritone
Anastasia Nemirovich-Danchenko - piano

P. Vladigerov. Chant
Bulgarian Rhapsody Vardar
Moni Simeonov -violin
Pepi Pilibossian - piano

R. Schumann - From Symphonic Etudes op.13
The Five posthumous Variations
Eduardo Delgado - piano


Inaugurating CU Poetry Showcase
John Tottenham reading from The Inertia Variations

M. Ravel / M. Oganesyan - La Valse
Mikael Oganesyan - piano

P. Schoenfield - Cafe Music
i. Allegro con fuoco
ii. Andante moderato
iii. Presto
Yana Reznik - piano
Indira Rachmatulla - cello
Nigel Armstrong - violin

focusing on a classical art form of serious contemporary representational art

CU Painters: Jeremy Lipking, Tony Pro, Ignat Ignatov, Christopher Pugliese (finding refuge with us from the freeze of New York), Joseph Todorovitch (his debut with CU) and myself - will paint live one of our favorite CU musicians, Yana Reznik. The final stretch of this live session will overlap by about an hour with the time of your arrival till the beginning of the program, so you will have a rare glimpse at how painting is being done and how each one of us will catch our sense of Yana.

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