Saturday, January 29, 2011

CU news and beyond, new youtube videos from October event

Dear friends of Music and Art,

Last month Rex
Lewis Clark, who in so many ways embodies the very Spirit of Music, performed at the home of Vice President Joe Biden.  Please, see the picture below where Vice President is holding Cathleen's heart-felt and inspiring book "Rex". We are so proud for you, Rex, the world most definitely has much to learn from you!   

   Rex and Joe Biden


Wonderful sound engineer Noel Gould together with our tireless and brilliant videographer Julie Resh have made it possible to revisit the extraordinary CU experience of our most unique October 25th event.  Enjoy it on YouTube below!

Moni plays Chaconne
Moni plays Chaconne
"...then came the first heart attack.  Moni Simeonov played the Chaconne from Bach's Partita #2 ...  The music grew and grew and grew and many in the audience began to weep... When he finished the response was so intense and heartfelt I thought some of Alexey's paintings would fall off the walls." - Lynda Adams, CU aficionado
Rossini Barber
Rossini Barber 6 hands

"...the famous "Figaro!, Figaro!, Figaro!" passage... brought down the house. This time the tears were of laughter and hilarity".  - Lynda Adams

"To cap off the evening, 6 hands and 30 flying fingers on one Steinway keyboard, one piano bench and a half, and pianists Pepi Pilibossian, Mikael Oganes and Harout Senekeremian, had the crowd going wild in a Rossini grand finale..."  - Laurence Vittes, Huffington Post


Right after our December concert, Alissa Margulis and Jura Margulis went to Germany to record their new album.  We feel very special to get a live "sneak pick" of it!

   Jura and Alissa
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    Our next event is coming soon!  Stay tuned!
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