Monday, October 25, 2010

Programme Notes - October 25

By popular demand we are sharing our exciting program with you as it formed by now.  Tonight will be a night of astounding piano virtuosity and a lovely new chamber opera, plus Bach, Spanish guitar, Italian clarinet, and Russian cello favorites with introductions by Comrade Laurence Vittes.

In a Classical Underground first, we present selections from a new opera, "A Dream Play" by local composer S.J. Pettersson (who will be present), in a chamber orchestration for a unique array of instruments and voice.

Marc Andre-Hamelin is considered today's greatest piano super-virtuoso, specializing in the most entertainingly difficult works of the 19th century, but did you know he is also a brilliant composer? Inspired by the style of 19th-century piano greats like Alkan and Thalberg, these hyper-difficult, hyper-beautiful etudes require a hyper-virtuoso to bring them off, and we have one in Harout Senekeremian!

The piano fun continues with Michael Oganes' (Oganesyan) own brilliant transcription of Mussorgsky's Night on Bald Mountain.

Our CU favorite, Moni Simeonov, is bringing this time the beautiful and virtuoso Bach's Chaconne. We are also getting ready for a surprise performance. The rumours say that Natalia Margulis (principal cello at the Madrid Royal Opera) and Armen Ksajikian (principal of Los Angeles Chamber) were rehearsing few pieces for two celli today. Stay tuned for their late-night appearance!

And to cap off our evening of virtuosity and opera, 6 hands and 30 flying fingers on one Steinway keyboard in a Rossini grand finale!

o4-20-eduardo trio
and the weather? ....not record high, not record low, and no rain in the evening!

 Dream Play
Thank you everyone for being patient while dealing with the paypal issues!

alexey steele presents
October 25, 2010
Music and Art Series
Special thanks to Steinway Piano Gallery – West Hollywood for their wonderful Steinway D!
Introductions by Laurence Vittes

Francisco Tarrega: Zarzuela on Themes from Arrieta's "Marina,"
Francisco Tarrega: Sueno (tremolo)
Iren Arutyunyan - guitar

Johann Sebastian Bach: Chaconne from Partita 2 in D
Moni Simeonov - violin

"Carnival of Venice" variations by Paul Jeanjean, Domenico Mirco and Luigi Bassi
Ben Lulich – clarinet, Pepi Pilibossian - piano

Modest Mussorgsky: Night at a Bald Mountain (Piano Solo Transcription by M. Oganes)
Mikael Oganes - piano
S. J. Pettersson - from chamber opera A Dream Play
1. Postlude (We actually should call it Prelude just because it comes first)
2. The Officer and Victoria
3. The Green Fishing Net
4. The Star Quilt
5. The Ballerina
6. From My Lips By Yours (world premiere performance)
Oxana Senina - soprano, Yakov Birman – piano, Moni Simeonov - violin, Eugene Lifschitz - cello, Cosima Luther - violin, Ben Lulich - clarinet, Gee Rabe - accordion, Jack Verga - glockenspiel

Marc-Andre Hamelin: Etude No. 6 “Omaggio a Domenico Scarlatti”
Marc-Andre Hamelin: Etude No.7 “Lullaby” for the left hand after Tchaikovsky
Marc-Andre Hamelin: Etude 5 “Toccata Grottesca”
Harout Senekeremian - piano

Piazzolla arranged for 6 hands by M. Oganes
Gioachino Rossini: Barber of Seville Fantasie
arranged for 6 hands By D. Krug
Pepi Pilibossian, Mikael Oganes, Harout Senekeremian

CU Showcase: 
Focus on Design in Painting: The Three Compadres
Glenn Dean, Logan Hagege, Eric Merrell

One of the key elements of the human interpretation of "real" is our sense of "design" which is aimed at making personal choices of importance and priorities within the chosen subject through the arrangement of main compositional forms - something no techno gadget is capable of making regardless of a price tag. Great friends who shared many travel adventures together, Glen, Logan and Eric are some of today's leading young artists investigating in their enormously effective and aesthetically satisfying work the visual force of "design."